About Us Page: Your Guide to Creating the Perfect Introduction to Your Company

First impressions are everything. Especially when it comes to first impressions with potential new customers or clients. When looking for information about your company, online users will visit your About Us page to learn more.

It’s a predictable move, but the benefit is that it gives you the opportunity to present your brand in a positive light, clearly defining its principles, goals and unique offering. It is important to ensure that you have polished and optimized About Us content, as it is on this page that visitors will get a taste for their first impressions of your brand.

We’ll outline the most important aspects of creating an About Us page and includes answers to the following questions:
  • What is the purpose of an About Us page?
  • What should be included on this page?
  • How do I write an About Us page?
  • What should this page look like?

What is an About Us Page Used For?

An About Us page is an introduction to your brand and should be used to connect with consumers on a human level. It demonstrates to readers who you are as a brand, your core values and beliefs, and what you have to offer. This page offers viewers insight into what sets your company apart from others and your value-added proposition. In the process of sharing these details about your company and its values, an About Us introduction should be used to portray your personality.
Consumers are more likely to gravitate towards a company that shares their same values and with which they feel personally connected. In this way, it will help you reach your target audience and establish a trust level to build brand loyalty further

Essentially, the purpose of your About Us page is to act as an online brand representative. It is used to present your business in the best possible light and to intrigue visitors to learn more about your products and services.

What Should be Included in an About Us Page?

There are many beneficial topics that you can consider covering in your About Us introduction.

The most important information to incorporate, however, includes your company’s backstory and what it offers your customers.

When portraying offerings on an About Us page, be sure to include not only references to products and services but to community-based initiatives as well.

By including this information, viewers will gain a better understanding of your company and begin to connect with your brand on an emotional level.

When presenting your brand and what you have to offer, it’s important to include your mission statement. Expressing your core values, philosophies and mission will help make it clear to readers what your goals are and will provide them with points of emotional connection.

Other topics you might consider including are:
  • Information about the founder or CEO, senior staff, board members and other team members – this may include details about their background and qualifications, as well as their personal life, if appropriate. You may also want to include a photo for an added personal touch.
  • Insight into your company culture – this is your chance to share your views and beliefs, allowing like-minded people to connect with your brand. This also helps to build trust, as consumers in today’s marketplace seek out brands that they can relate to. In addition, this may be helpful for recruiting new talent.
  • Call to action – a call to action on an About Us page is typically an invitation for the reader to learn more about the company. This provides the chance for you to move visitors further into your website, where additional calls to action can be established, ideally resulting in direct contact or a purchase.
  • Location and contact information – this may include a map showing your business’ various branches or headquarters, email addresses, a telephone number and even links to your social media accounts. This information is helpful to visitors who have questions or would like to visit your business in person.

How to Write an Effective About Us Page

It’s important that you write your About Us content with your target market in mind.

Be sure to keep the language simple and to include information and topics that you believe your ideal market will find interesting and can relate to. After all, the goal is to connect with them on an emotional level. The tone on this page should be light-hearted and friendly, as a serious tone may come across as too formal.

Don’t copy and paste what you’ve seen other brands write.

Make your About Us page your own. It should clearly represent everything your company stands for, from the language that is used to the color palette and images.

Include some personality and flair in your writing to guarantee it is captivating to readers. Embrace your inner story-teller when sharing the background of your company. Ensure the information is interesting and easy to follow.

Finally, don’t forget to proofread your About Us content before it is published. There’s nothing worse than glaring spelling and grammatical errors on a webpage, specifically one that is trying to make a good first impression.

5 Inspirational About Us Page Examples

1. Nike

Nike’s About page is a great example for all brands. Immediately, Nike captivates its readers with an intriguing and motivational video that expresses their brand mission.

The company discusses the human qualities of its brand, including its goals and where its roots began. Information about social responsibility and what morals are behind Nike’s actions are also included, promoting a strong emotional connection.

Visitors can also learn more about Nike’s team, where they operate and what products they offer.

Overall, their About Us page provides clear, concise brand information along with eye-catching web design that makes consumers want to learn more.

2. Dove

Dove also shares its mission, and the success they’ve seen in fulfilling this mission, on their About Us page.

Most importantly, they do so in a way that establishes their brand’s personality.

Their beliefs as a company resonate with many, and portraying these beliefs on this page allows them to connect with their customers. Dove’s About page is clean, simplistic and captivating, with imagery that reflects the realistic image they embrace.

Throughout the page they invite visitors to learn more, providing opportunities to further direct visitors through their sales funnel.

3. Disney

Disney’s About Us page is another great example. It includes their mission statement, along with details and images of their team members, in order to build a personal connection with visitors.

One of the most intriguing features of Disney’s About Us content is their company timeline. This chronological timeline is presented as a story with the help of archival images and videos which are used to captivate the reader.

4. Adobe

Adobe’s About Us page shares their values and goals with the help of captivating imagery, which also happens to relate to their product offering.

The page also identifies their value-added proposition and what they offer their customers. With so many products, Adobe does a great job of capturing the overall essence of their product offering without overwhelming readers.

Their About Us page discusses their view on corporate social responsibility and offers users a way to learn more. They do this all with a concise and elegant design, resulting in a positive and memorable user-experience.

5. Funko

Funko immediately outlines exactly what they do and what they offer their customers. Their highly interactive About Us page also allows customers to explore the brand’s story through an animated timeline of events.

Here, viewers can see how the company began and when popular products were first created. Viewers can see Funko’s various locations and contact information, as well as the names and positions of their company’s leaders.

Brand personality can be found throughout the page. This personality is included in the language that is used and the images of the leadership team members, who are displayed as Funko Pop characters.

About Us Page- An Essential Part of any eCommerce Website

An About Us page offers your business the opportunity to provide customers, current and future, with a clear picture of your brand’s values, beliefs, mission, personality and value-added proposition.

The best About Us pages include information about a company’s history and background, details of their leadership team, insight into their company culture, location and contact information, as well as an option to learn more.

An About Us page should be created with your ideal audience in mind. Consider what they find interesting, their values and even their preferences in terms of color, language and presentation.

Be friendly in tone, using simple language that is most suited to your audience. Exude your brand personality to establish a further personal connection with viewers. And don’t forget to be creative in order to stand out. You want to show customers what makes your company different and why they should choose your brand over others.

With these details in hand, you’re ready to get started creating the perfect About Us profile. Be creative and, above all, have fun!