Things to Consider Before Using Live Chat

Integrating live chat software can be a great way to improve your customer service. Most customers prefer that a business has live chat software. It makes it easier to connect with a customer service rep. All customers want quickness in response. Waiting hours or days can lead to a negative response or even missing sales.

Of course, getting live chat software isn’t as simple as it sounds. There need to be things you consider before using live chat software.

Benefits of a Live Chat

Live chat can offer any business with an online presence many benefits. As we mentioned above customers prefer using a live chat platform. Even ask yourself would you rather speak to a customer service rep over the phone or use a live chat service? The answer becomes quite clear on why you should have a live chat software.

Before we talk about the benefits of live chat it’s important to note a live chat is not a chatbot. Chatbots give an automated response set up by the business. Yes, they can still have customer engagement and collect customer data but it’s not live. A live chat support software has a customer service rep behind it providing answers. Chatbots and live chat can share the same features. They both can provide self-service, support tools, and proactive chat. Of course, they can all do this while working with multiple customers.

Here are some benefits of using live chat for your business.

Support prospects and customers at their convenience

Customers that are searching for product information at the time of sale are looking for answers. Calling on the phone will lead to delays. if the customer can’t get the information they’re going to click away from the web pages. Live chat software will have a chat window at the bottom of the screen ready for the customer to interact with. Once they click the window they immediately ask their question. This improves customer satisfaction.

Provide more context-relevant service at scale

Live chat software provides an easy-to-use platform to communicate with clients and prospect prospects at scale. Suppose the customer has just filled the shopping cart with the purchase information you provided. After making a purchase, the customer stops to check out the product. Alternatively, a trigger-based chatbot can be used to ask for help and then send it to a customer at a predetermined time. You can engage customers that have demonstrated clear intent on shopping.

Performance Indicators

Live chats may generate valuable business information. Live chat software can keep track of chat conversations, customer data, and even data points along the customer journey. Using all this data can allow you to make better decisions when deciding on your sales process. All this data can also be sent to your support team to have more information on customer data.

Consider These Before Using a Live Chat

Easy to See Chat Window

Your chat window needs to be clearly viewed. The whole idea of the chat window is to be used. Having a quick pop when the user visits a page can be a good way to get it noticed. The easier your chat window is seen the more it will be used.

Chat How you Speak

A live chat feature is great because you’re talking to a person, but it also needs to feel like it. Don’t confuse users with overly complicated information. Your writing should be approachable and warm. Always give clear responses.

List Working Hours

A live chat agent is a great tool, but it can be hard to offer 24/7 access. Listing your chat hours is a great way to combat this. Your customers will know exactly when they can reach through a live chat.

Answer All Questions

Leaving a question unanswered for a chat session is not an option. Whether it’s a question or complaint you need to answer the query. Customers need to be heard. It’s also important to mention the live chat agent needs to be knowledgeable in the product information. The best live chat software will ensure every question is answered.

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