Do You Need a Live Chat?

Ask yourself when dealing with businesses would you rather use email, phone, or live chat? Most consumers are going to choose a live chat solution. There are fewer wait times, less anxiety, and more convenience. But live chat software isn’t just for customer help there are several uses for live chat that can improve your business.

What is Live Chat Software?

Live chat support isn’t an automatic chatbot. Chatbots are good at certain aspects of getting customers the help they need but it’s an automatic script. Live chat software is a real person. It’s not a video chat. It’s your very over-customer service agent speaking directly with the customer offering real-time support. But as we mentioned above live chat support goes further than answering the question. It can also be a better approach to customer service. Yes, every business needs a customer service person. Customers can ask for things like product information, business information, or any number of things. Overall, it will increase customer engagement.

The main benefit of live chat support is quickness. We all want information quickly. Just looking at the facts phone calls will take some time if a line is busy and emails only get responded to when there checked. Live chat may still have queues sometimes, but customers are more willing to wait than opposed to being on hold or waiting days for an email. After all, 80% of business is about communication.

Sometimes customers have questions or concerns they don’t want to talk about, so they never get the information they need and ultimately don’t buy. Most people will feel comfortable talking with live chat software. Customer satisfaction can be instantly achieved when using live chat support software. You need to

The Benefits of Live Chat Support

As we mentioned above the easiness and convenience of live chat are great benefits. Live chat software has so many more benefits to offer the business and the customers. Here are more reasons to start using a live chat software.

Better for employees

Handling customer complaints, issues, questions and anything else can become difficult depending on the context. It also forces the employee to be tied to that medium. If we look at live chat software the customer types the answer. The employee can gain a better understanding of what the customer is saying along with gathering other information.

Increase sales

If your website visitors are on the fence about buying a product, consumers can use the live chat service to overcome any hesitation. The live chat agent can provide any information they require and the customer will be more inclined to purchase. The sales team can have more customer engagement by using live chat software.

Customer data

Live chat services can collect customer data. Your customer service agents will be able to build a customer profile that can improve your customer experience and target customers better. The data can also be shared with other agents to ensure a streamlining of information so anyone can work with customers either in person or on the live chat platform.

Proactive chat

Proactive chat allows your customer service agents to begin an online chat in real-time with the visitors. A live chat platform can generate alerts called “triggers” that initiate chats with a consumer, this helps increase sales throughout the checkout cycle. Triggers are defined rules which determine how to react when a situation occurs. In other words, you could configure an alert that triggers a live chat window when visitors can click a link to the page they want to visit.

Support customers

Live chat support software enables service agents to support customers more efficiently. With a well-developed live chat system, businesses can offer customer support 24/7. Live chats can offer customer satisfaction right away.

Performance metrics

Live chat is an important source of business intelligence. It is even easier if your customer is already interacting with and analyzing your product. The metrics can help you improve the website visitors’ experience.

The overall takeaway from using a live chat support software is the quickness, easiness, and convenience for customers. Even ask yourself about your customer service interactions, what do you expect from a business support team? The live chat feature is a great addition for a business with a website.

How to Use a Live Chat for Customer Satisfaction?

Live chat software is part of your business’s website. You’ll usually have a little icon at the bottom of the screen that is showing live chat software. Customers do not need to download or click anything extra to access the live chat software. It’s automatically in a position to use by the user. The customer doesn’t even need to create an account.

Once a customer is ready to use the live chat software they’ll click the icon and the chat window will pop up. Most chat conversations will start with an automated message, usually to prompt the consumer to ask a question or verify the information.

From there your service agent will answer any questions the customer has typed out. The service agent can then offer a live chat solution. That’s the basis of using a live chat service. The other features of live chat software are you’ll have access to track visitors’ browsing. Most live chat software also offers canned responses so your agents can respond quickly to common customer questions.

Another great use for live chat is the ability to download transcripts of the customer conversation with the agent. Both businesses and customers can receive the transcript after leaving the live chat software. There is also plenty of third-party integrations that can add even more benefits such as engaging customers further.

Is Live Chat Right for you?

Live chat is great for any customer service team looking to respond to their customers in real-time without sacrificing customer engagement. It’s a proactive chat that lets you connect with your customers with human interaction. It’s a live chat solution.

Live chat is good for any online business or even any brick-mortar store that has an online presence. Even live chat services for small businesses can be beneficial. The sales aspect of live chat is a huge benefit. If implemented correctly on live chat, a live agent can focus on providing personalized service that translates into higher sales and increased sales volumes. Along with lots of other benefits we have mentioned above the main takeaway with live chat should be customers will enjoy the quick responses, good information, human interaction, and ease of using a live chat.

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